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Apple iOS 6 Maps could get better with ex-Google Maps employees

September 24, 2012

Complaints weren’t in short supply when it came to the introduction of Apple’s in-house Maps app, which was part of the recent iOS 6 release.

iPad Mini won’t start at $199, says iPod Touch

September 12, 2012

Apple’s Keynote Address today gave us more than just an iPhone 5 and new iPod family. It also gave us some insight into how much the iPad Mini will cost.

iPad Mini vs. new Amazon Kindle Fire HD: Who will win the tablet war?

September 6, 2012

In the reawakened war of tablet supremacy, Amazon has fired the first shot, but Apple has a strategy up its sleeve.

Apple iPad Mini will dominate the market, analyst says

August 30, 2012

Apple’s other much-anticipated device, the iPad Mini, shouldn’t have a problem dominating the market, according to some analysts.

The only thing Apple needs to figure out is how much profit they want to make off the smaller tablet.

Will iPad Mini destroy Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google tablet competition?

August 13, 2012

With less than a month away until the presumed announcement of Apple’s newest tablet — dubbed the iPad Mini — it may be time for manufacturers of smaller tablets to start getting nervous.

Original iPad prototype was big and ugly

July 19, 2012

The public received a rare look into Apple’s history today, as court documents surfaced that showed what the original iPad prototype looked like.

It wasn’t pretty.

Report: Smaller iPad ‘mini’ is a textbook business strategy

July 16, 2012

Apple will create a smaller iPad in order not to lose ground on its competitors at Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

iPad Mini samples surface, show thinner design

July 12, 2012

Engineering samples of Apple’s rumored iPad Mini have surfaced and they show a much thinner tablet compared to its larger predecessor.

‘iPad Mini’ ramping up production this September

July 8, 2012

The iPad Mini — Apple’s rumored 7.85-inch tablet — is expected to be manufactured in Brazil, with production beginning in September.

Smaller iPad won’t include a Retina display

July 5, 2012

If Apple plans to release a smaller, 7-inch version of its popular iPad tablet, it likely won’t include the company’s ultra-sharp Retina display.

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