4 apps that will save college students money

January 15, 2013

College was certainly the time of our lives.

But that’s not to say it didn’t come with it’s fair share of challenges. The number one challenge? Money.

As pointed out on Blorge in a separate blog post, 60 percent of college students describe their stress rate as high. And 26 percent of those students admitted to getting medical help for their stress.

Money is tough in college. Most college students either don’t work, or only work a few hours and make minimum wage. If they’re lucky, their parents will give them money on the side

To make sure they’re in good financial standing, which in return, should lead to less stress, these four apps can make a world of difference:

Debt Tracker

Debt Tracker Pro helps you create a payoff plan — be it a credit card or simple loan from your parents — by organizing your finances in a simple interface, including all bills and student loans.

This is a a great app after you graduate, because you can continue staying on top of your student loan payments and having a plan on when you’ll finally be done paying them.

Red Laser

Ever go to a store, buy a product, and then find out it was $20 cheaper online — and with free shipping?

It’s a terrible feeling.

Red Laser is the ultimate in-store app that lets you scan an item and see if it’s cheaper anywhere online or at other nearby stores to help you make the most of your money.

Think of it as your personal shopper.


Mint has been around for a few years now, and it is superb.

It lets you link all your bank accounts, loans and credit cards into one interface and gives you visual tracking of where your money is being spent. Spending too much eating out? Mint will tell you.

It also helps you schedule bills by sending you alerts to budget accordingly


Ziplist is a great to-do app that helps you plan your meals and groceries for the week.

You can save recipes, schedule when you want to make and eat them and create a quick shopping lists.

Making your own meals and shopping smart at the grocery store can save you a lot of money.

A special thanks to Southern New Hampshire University for the great app suggestions! Here are some more ideas in this infographic:

Helpful Apps to Help Cure The Stress of College Life (Infographic)
Presented By SNHU.EDU Online College Programs

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