What’s the best way to organize to my iPad?

January 12, 2013

Apple’s iPad is a device that can be used for a bevy of productivity tasks. But like most computers, they can easily become cluttered.

This won’t necessarily slow down your tablet, but it could slow you down. Finding apps, using apps — even typing a certain way — can slow down your tablet experience. Here are some tips from a blogger who uses his iPad for his 50 hour/week job and for recreational purposes after hours.

1) Folders

The easiest way to organize your iPad is by using the folders.

If you’re active on social media using your iPad, you probably have a few apps for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various other social apps. Simply drag one onto the other until iOS creates a little folder that will automatically be named social. Call it whatever you want, but use it.

If you use those apps for a majority of the time on your tablet, place the folder in the bottom bar so you can access it from any page

2) Delete Apps

Not all of your apps! Just the ones you never use.

It’s important to go through your collection of apps every couple of months and decide which apps you never use.

For me, I just decided to delete the “Cars” app. It was great while I was searching to buy a new car, but after I finally made the purchase, I never used it anymore. Hold down that app until it starts to wiggle, then hit the tiny X to send it to the trash.

If you ever want to re-download an app, simply go into the App Store, click the “Purchased” button on the bottom bar, find your app and hit download.

3) One page

Some people use their iPad for very specific tasks. If that’s the case, that means they don’t have very many apps.

If this sounds like you, do everything you can to use just one page.

Now some people have personal photos set as their iPad wallpaper, and they don’t like it when apps block their face. If that’s the case, still try and consolidate so you can only have two rows of apps, plus the bottom bar.

Do you have tips on keeping your iPad organized? Share them with us below.

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