Top 10 iOS 5 apps for iPad

October 26, 2011

Tens of millions are already using iOS 5 and developers have been busy, very busy, getting their apps up to speed. And, what about all of the new features + functions + apps the mothership’s building into iOS 5? Yeah, there’s a lot to mull over and this is a great place to start with insight on Apple best mobile OS ever and, yeah, the apps.

10. The Weather Channel for iPad

        (free) — Version 3.0 sports an all new look with a clearer presentation, while a single tap brings up the detailed, granular info this app’s known for. And, yes, it takes advantage of iOS 5’s new notification system.


        — Worth a look:

Weather HD

        ($0.99), best weather eye candy available

09. Zite Personalized Magazine (free) — This is purely subjective as Zite offers Evernote integration and I believe a better/different base of included feeds, including The Atlantic.
— Worth a look: Flipboard (free) and Pulse News (free)

08. Netflix

iPad magazines: Reader’s Digest is warmly familiar

— Television on the go and willing to pay? Nothing else comes close. Again, however, there’s that $7.99 pay forever barrier to entry, but don’t miss the 30-day free trial.
— Worth a look: TVUPlayer iPad ($4.99,
review), free sci-fi via CBNS TV

07. Kindle (free) — There’s nothing especially iOS 5-ish about this app, but it did put Steve Jobs in my hands a bit before midnight on October 23 instead of waiting all day by the door for Fedex to show up. Welcome our new Amazon overlords.
— Worth a look: iBooks (free), Apple’s slicker than Amazon reader app and book store, integrated with Newsstand

06. Facebook — The first iOS 5 + iPad optimized version had issues, but those have been cleared and this app is much, much better. Finally, a “real” tablet experience
— Worth a look: How to: Set up Twitter in iOS 5

If you haven’t yet installed iOS 5, check out Blorge’s what’s new in iOS 5, as well as our do it before you upgrade guide to demungifying your iPhone or iPad — good stuff. And, are you ready for an iPhone 4S (find out if you’re eligible for the upgrade pricing)?

05. Safari

        — This is an integrated, default iOS 5 app and it’s vastly better. Real tabbed browsing, draggable tabs and much improved search.


        — Worth a look:


        , the fastest iPad browser;

iCab Mobile

        , easily the most feature complete mobile browser

04. Real Racing 2 HD ($3.99)

Time ships Steve Jobs commemorative issue

— What’s different? AirPlay Mirroring, which completely redefines head to head gameplay (rocks) and the graphics are best of class. This game has been a top seller since day one of the iPad and it hasn’t slowed down.

03. Instapaper — It’s all about workflow and this is the utility the mostest people are using.
— Worth a look: Dropbox, different and in some ways better; Evernote, my preferred tool

02. iWork — Numbers, Page and Keynote and, finally, syncing just works — it’s all about Apple’s new iCloud. And, if it doesn’t, then Dropbox is always there.

01. iCloud, Reminders, Notifications — Unlike previous iOS releases, version 5 really stands out because it finally gels existing and features that should have been in there from the start. Really, iOS 5 represents a true high watermark for Apple and the iPad.

This completely subjective look at the state of the app in the age of iOS 5 begs for your comments — rant, rave, but don’t go away mumbling…

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