iPad a hit with hospital suppliers

December 20, 2010

It’s been reported that 65-percent of the Fortune 100 are testing or deploying the iPad, and three of the biggest of the medical equipment makers are among those jumping in with both feet. For a device that some people can’t take seriously enough to call it computer, the Apple tablet seems to be doing well enough without achieving unanimous assent.

Wall Street Journal reports that Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic and Boston Scientific are moving to arms their sales professionals with the iPad. Specifically, the fast-starting Apple device allows pitchman to throw down wherever the need presents and before their physician clients lose interest.

“[The iPad] enables our sales employees to do a much better job of engaging in a really different way than we’ve done before,” says Mike Hedges, CIO, Medtronic.

Additionally, the iPad’s long battery life and light weight make it an exceptional travel — dare we say — computer.

Thereupon, Medtronic, a maker of implantable heart devices and other products, recently bought 4,500 iPads for its sales and marketing team, making it one of the iPad’s biggest corporate buyers. Further, the company could buy as many as 6,000 Apple tablets.

Excuse me while I whip this out…

What sold Hedges on the iPad was an impromptu presentation made by one of his salespeople at a dinner with several cardiologists — when one asked about Medtronic’s drug-eluting stent, the salesman quickly pulled out an iPad with the product information, which kicked off several hours of discussion.

“Try pulling out a PowerPoint from your briefcase or from a piece of paper,” Hedges said.

Likely with that utility in mind, Boston Scientific recently bought 2,000, Zimmer Holdings 1,000 and Abbot Labs 1,000, as well. Yet another medical widget maker, St Jude Medical, is pilot testing the iPad.

For anyone who’s watched incredulously as the doctor’s “portable” computer gets pushed from exam room to exam room on a cart — or a nurse on rounds taking notes on an actual clipboard — the need for the iPad in medicine couldn’t be clearer…

What’s your take?

via IntoMobile

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