A 5.6-inch iPad for Christmas? Right.

July 14, 2010

It’s gonna be a 5.6 or 7 inch device that runs the same or similar OS as the iPad. Additionally, it could hit store shelves as early as the fourth quarter of this year. Yes, in time for little Johnny and Suzy, courtesy of their upper income parent(s), to pluck one from their Christmas stockings.

DigiTimes, which had until just now been on a roll, is reporting a new rumor that posits Apple is developing a new, smaller form factor iPad that will be OLED-based. They go on to state that Compal Electronics will be the assembler and that product could arrive as soon as the fourth quarter.

Additionally, the write up claims that Apple will be targeting the ebook reader market with these new 5.6 or 7 inch OLED iPads.


As rumors go, this one seems to have a range of obvious problems. First, can you remember the last time Apple launched a new product in the forth quarter? Not some iteration of an existing model, but something they’ve never done before? Me neither.

Also, the supply of OLED displays, especially larger sizes, is extremely constrained right now. With everyone (and their brothers) in the PC biz moving en herd to bring out some kind of tablet, the possibility that Apple would willingly enter a segment of the component market where there will only be losers, except the suppliers, seems implausible.

In fact, HTC is purportedly moving some or all of its smartphones from OLED to IPS LCD. Yup, that’s the display type, i.e. Retina display, used by Apple in its iPhones and iPad.

So, Apple’s gonna push out an ebook reader just weeks before Christmas? Color me skeptical…

What’s your take?

via AppleInsider

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