Yahoo studies iPad users, finds iPad users love Yahoo

July 12, 2010

Company studies hot new device and finds that users of said device love their company. Who would’ve thunk? Well, actually there is more to the story as Yahoo’s one of the best sources of video, multimedia and textual content on the web.

Yahoo has taken a shovel to their deep loam of web data, and parsed it for iPad-specifics metrics and user demographics. What they’ve discovered runs the gamut from, “Yeah, we knew that,” to some rather edifying nuggets of knowledge. Yes, the information is a touch old, but it’s the first I’ve seen it and thought ’twas worth sharing:

       • iPad early adopters skewed heavily toward 35 to 44 year-old males, outnumbering women 2:1

      • iPad users that visited Yahoo were 94 percent more likely to be affluent

      • Yahoo iPad users were more likely to 30 to 54 years old than average for the US population

      • iPad users were very likely to visit Yahoo properties, including Flickr, Finance, Sports and News
      — Flickr usage among this group was 143 percent than average
      — Yahoo iPad users were seven times more likely to visit Yahoo than average

      • 48 percent of Yahoo iPad users own an iPhone

      • When Yahoo published this data, i.e. before the international rollout, about 10 percent of user IPs were from outside the US with the UK, France, Germany, Taiwan and Hong Kong tracking the highest

Again, the above metrics from Yahoo were published in early May and the search giant’s excellent Yahoo Entertainment (free) was released about a week before that. Thereupon, I’d like to see revised data that takes into account usage of this app — I think we’d see pretty good increase.

That is, Yahoo Entertainment is an excellent source for all types of textual and video news, trivia and entertainment. Can you say The Onion and Yahoo Finance in a single app? Pretty smart…

What’s your take?

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