How to: Typing special characters on the iPad keyboard

April 20, 2010

One of the biggest challenges in using the iPad as a laptop replacement is figuring out how to do common tasks; stuff I used to take for granted. Here’s how to find and type special characters, symbols and punctuation on the iPad keyboard.

I’ve encountered a number of issues in my quest to replace a MacBook with the iPad as my primary mobile blogging platform, like getting the Embed Video html code in YouTube (use instead of or typing special characters using the iPad’s software keyboard.

Thereupon, is running a short video tutorial on how to find and access special characters, symbols and punctuation.

Tap n’ slide

Now, the thing Bell doesn’t mention and the video only kind of shows is that in order to type these special characters, you tap n’ hold a key and then slide your finger onto the symbol or character you want. Releasing your finger will get you the character you want.

Also, if you’re you like me, you use bullet points and em dashes frequently, you can find these by tapping .?123 button and then holding the dash key until the em dash and bullet point appear. Slide your finger over onto the character you want and then release.

Hate curly quotes? Tap and hold the quotes key to find straight quotes.

The best way to figure out which keys do what is to go through tapping and holding each.

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