iPad buyers by the numbers

April 6, 2010

Never mind that Gene Munster estimated iPad sales at 600 to 700 thousand (Apple says they sold “only” 300,000). He’s got more iPad data for us to digest and these numbers weren’t generated (were they?) by throwing pebbles in a pond and trying to count the ripples.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster and his crew cornered, queried and tabulated answers from 448 of the hundreds of thousands of the available Wi-Fi only iPad buyers on Saturday. Thereupon, News.com has presented a selection of those numbers for our edification and delight, reduced here to bullet points for easy ingestion:

      74 percent of iPad buyers also own Macs
      — 26 percent own PCs of some variety

      • 66 percent of iPad buyers own an iPhone
      — 99 percent of those say they’ll use both devices

      • 92 percent of iPad buyers own an iPod.
      — 97 percent of this group say they will use both going forward

      • 39 percent bought a 16GB model, 32 percent the 32GB and 28 percent a 64GB

      • 74 percent plan to surf the Web

      • 38 percent plan to read books

      • 34 percent expect to check e-mail

      • 26 percent plan to watch video

      • 78 percent of those surveyed said they hadn’t considered buying an iPad alternative

iPad alternatives? There’s a lot of noise about such things, but there aren’t any on the market yet. It’s said there are deviants who consider a netbook to be an alternative (i.e. eating cheap milk chocolate vs. actually having sex), but that’s just a rumor.

It’s interesting how SMS has fallen off the radar over the last year or so. Yes, there are still people competing with each other to see which of them can get the worst case of RSS, but it’s not the meme let alone zeitgeist it once was — the iPhone has really pushed much of that buzz and activity into Twitter and Facebook.


Our family owns an iMac, MacBook (for sale), two Mac minis, two iPod touches, iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iPod mini, so we’re among the alpha dogs of Apple Kool-Aid lappers.

Oh, we’re MobileMe subscribers, too.

In terms of usage, the wife’s quite keen on web browsing, book reading and movies. The kiddies, for their part, haven’t gotten past games yet (Real Racing, Cro-Mag Rally).

And, me? Well, I’m just trying to keep them away…

What’re you using your iPad for?

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