Top 40 best iPad apps, games

April 3, 2010

The gods of development have smiled upon the iPad with thousands of apps and games available on launch. Which free and paid games, apps and utilities are worth your time and money? Come on inside for the inside dope.

Here are 40 of the best free and paid iPad apps, games and utilities with links to videos and reviews for many of these hot new software titles!

01. iBooks, free
— Apple’s official book reader app and store for the iPad

02. World Atlas HD, $1.99
— Easy-to-use, feature packed and containing the world’s best maps, the National Geographic World Atlas enables you to browse, search and zoom detailed maps of the globe.

03. The Impossible Test, free
— Play The Impossible Test and race to the finish first! Complete many interactive levels that will challenge your mind!

04. Weather HD, $0.99
— The most beautiful way to check for weather information on the iPad.

05. Star Trek Comics, free
— Explore strange new worlds, seek out new civilizations… on our iPad! Comes bundled with three free comics
Review: Star Trek Comics for iPad, iPhone

06. Pages, $9.99
— It’s the application you know and love for the Mac, completely reworked from the ground up for iPad
— Watch the Pages guided tour

07. Scrabble for iPad, $9.99
— This is a killer game! Use the iPad as the board and your iPhone or iPod touch as the tray holding your letters where you look up and try out words — super cool!

08. Bento for iPad, $4.99
— Organize all the details of your busy life in one iPad app! Comes with 25 ready-to-use database templates.

09. NetFlix, free
— Get NetFlix on our iPad. ’nuff said

10. Flight Control HD, $4.99
— The App Store classic has landed on iPad with new ways to play and beautiful new graphics.

11. ABC Player, free
— Watch your favorite ABC shows anytime, anywhere

12. SketchBook Pro, $7.99
— Using the same paint engine as its desktop counterpart, AutoDesk’s SketchBook Pro delivers a complete set of sketching & painting tools.

13. Weather Channel Max for iPad, free
— Your weather report for free (sponsored by Toyota) with in-depth forecasts and innovative maps

14. Plants vs. Zombies HD, $9.99
— Get ready to soil your plants!

15. iMahjong 2, free
— Released for free to celebrate the iPad launch

16. Real Racing HD, $9.99
— The best iPhone racer just got even better — you won’t believe the stunning graphics, silky smooth framerate and awesome new features
Review: Real Racing for iPhone, iPod touch

17. NPR for iPad, free
— Experience NPR in magazine style with a focus on news, arts, life and music

18. The Elements: A Visual Exploration, $13.99
— A super geeky app — if you think you’ve seen the periodic table, think again.

19. Shazam for iPad, free
— You can now create, share and browse your Tag list in a new and unique way

20. At Bat 2010 iPad, $14.99
— The latest addition to the award winning at Bat family of applications
— Get the Looks Ahead at 2010 (TV episode)

21. Twitterific for iPad, free
— The super geeky way to effortlessly read and compose tweets

22. Sport Center XL, $4.99
— The Premier game companion experience for the iPad from ESPN

23. eBay for iPad, free
— Do you business anytime, anywhere on the iPad

24. GoodReader – Tablet Edition, $0.99
— If you need to read huge PDF or TXT files, this is the app for you

25. Wikipanion for iPad, free
— Accessing Wikipedia has never been faster or easier

26. 1Password for iPad, $6.99
— Runs on all of your iPhone OS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)

27. — Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad, free
— A simply awesome on-the-go reference

28. Popular Science +, $4.99
— What could be geekier than reading Popular Science on your iPad?

29. Break HD, free
— Hours of fun with 99 levels and accelerometer tilt technology

30. Marble Mash HD Premium, $0.99
— Available at 90 percent for the launch with 150 playable levels

31. iPDF Reader, free
— The world’s slimmer eBook and PDF reader

32. Brushes — iPad Edition, $9.99
— The acclaimed painting that turned the iPhone into an instrument of fine art now on the iPad

33. Tap Tap Radiation, free
— Tap Tap Revenge on the iPad with eye popping graphics

34. Magic Piano, $2.99
— Play timeless pieces on spiral and circular keyboards beams of light, from Smule

35. AP News, free
— I use the iPhone version every day; it rocks

36. TWiTpad, $0.99
— Leo and the twits go mobile with this interactive app

37. AIM for iPad, free
— It’s words that start with a “C” this time… chit, chat, chit, chat

38. Things for iPad, $19.99
— A beautifully focussed and amazingly intuitive task manager

39. Kayak Flights, free
— Make your travel plans on the go on the iPad

40. Fieldrunners for iPad, $7.99
— The killer iPhone game has gone large. Be ready to be addicted again in a big way

We didn’t include the world’s hottest app ever? Don’t just sit there! Drop us a note with a link in the comments below…

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