iPad + iPhone squeezing out Android, Blackberry development

April 2, 2010

Although this may be a temporary phenomenon, Apple’s iPad has attracted a big surge in new development to the iPhone OS platform with the Android and Blackberry both seeing their share of new app starts fall proportionally and absolutely. All hail the iPad!

Flurry has done something clever — compared new app starts for the last 60 days for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry versus the same period last year. Whereas overall starts have increased from over 2,000 last year to more than 3,000 this year, Apple’s share total share has increased from 1,560 (78 percent) to nearly 3,000 (90 percent).

So, even as Apple’s share has grown relatively with the addition of the iPad to the iPhone OS family, the company’s absolute share has grown, as well, leaving Android developers making just 300 (vs. 360) and Blackberry a mere 30 (vs. 60) new app starts compared to last year. This is an obvious win-win-win for Apple as the company has garnered bigger proportional and absolute shares of a bigger development pie will expanding their franchise to device that doesn’t yet have any real competitors.

Again, these gains may be short lived. However, this burst of new app development for accruing to the iPhone OS device family — iPhone, iPod touch and iPad — may be the death knell for the other platforms, especially RIM’s Blackberry (think buggy whips) which has been bleeding share…

What’s your take?

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