Select Best Buy stores to have 15 iPads each from April 3

March 29, 2010

More details of Apple’s retail rollout plans trickle out. Spies have gotten their sweaty, sweaty mitts on Best Buy’s super secret iPad playbook that spells out marketing plans and how many devices, including demos, the electronics seller will have available when it goes on sale on April 3.

TUAW, quoting a freshly setup twitter account tellingly named iSecretApples, tracked down the Best Buy sales playbook for the iPad; a document purportedly so secret that district and store managers haven’t even seen it yet.

Of the electronics reseller’s 1,000 stores, 675 will each get 15 iPads that will be available for sale on April 3. Moreover, though it isn’t known if they’ll be in store on first day, these Best Buy locations will also receive an iPad demo unit.

Here’s some more dish and dirt from Best Buy’s iPad playbook:

      • Participating locations will receive an additional 15 iPads for sale on April 11
      • Best Buy’s April 11 ad insert will feature the iPad on the front cover, even though not all stores will stock the device
      • Apple-branded iPad accessories will also be sold
      • As previously reported, iPads will not be sold via

This news jibes well with Saturday’s report that Apple is pushing new iPad orders made on the online Apple Store out to April 12. Apparently, Apple has learned from previous rollouts and is planning to deliver the iPad in phases, rationing the available units in the process.

Both TUAW and Engadget are offering screencaps of Best Buy’s iPad playbook.

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