iPad developers betting on games

March 22, 2010

With just days to go until the iPad begins shipping, what’s on developers minds? Fun and games. Nearly half of the apps being tested on Apple’s latest creation, a 9.7-inch tablet device, are games with entertainment (14 percent) and social networking (7 percent) holding down the number two and three spots, respectively.

Flurry, a mobile software analytics firm, has been tracking the number of programs using its software on the iPad and divvied them up by category and, given what’s been successful on the iPhone and iPod touch, unsurprisingly found that games and other recreational apps are the biggest attraction for developers.

iPad app developers seem quite focussed on staking out territory in the gaming + entertainment + social networking spaces, where there’s plenty of overlap.

Whither the underdog?

That said, when the App Store launched for the iPhone, there were plenty of surprise recreational hits from small developers. Now, given that Electronic Arts, Ngmoco and other mainstream code shops are focussed on the platform, I wonder if the gold rush for small game developers is over?

However, with relatively sparse attention given to underserved and potentially lucrative segments, such as music and productivity, I suspect that there’s plenty of opportunity still for the little guys…

What’s your take?

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