Windows 7 phones will ‘lack’ Flash, too

March 19, 2010

Like Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and soon the iPad, as well, new smartphones based on Microsoft’s upcoming Window Phone 7 Series — say that with a mouthful of saltines — won’t support Flash. A mere technical issue to remedied later or a clear jab at Adobe?

InformationWeek reports that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series (gosh, what an awful name) will not support either Adobe Flash or cut and paste. Specifically, Redmond didn’t feel it worthwhile to delay the product in order to bake in these features.

“One thing I wanted to clarify as it may have been lost in some of the other news is that Adobe and Microsoft are working together to bring Flash Player 10.1 to Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone 7 Series,” said Mike Chambers, developer relations manager, Adobe.

OK, just crush our hopes. Rend the dream of a Flash free mobile internet to sunders (you bastards).

With stability and security for all

Then again, Microsoft’s next-gen Internet Explorer 9 browser, another market where the company has been hemorrhaging share, is expected to offer greatly improved HTML5, CSS 3 and JavaScript support, which together constitute an increasingly capable replacement for Flash. Here’s hoping Redmond has the wisdom to build those features into its mobile browser, as well.

And, so the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad stand alone against the scourge of Flash…

What’s your take?

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