iPad to lack TV subscriptions, most periodicals [u]

March 19, 2010

One of the big selling points of the iPad, at least from a technical perspective, is the ability to download and consume TV, print, audio and other types of content wherever you happen to be. Unfortunately, Apple’s having difficulty in getting content owners to license their stuff.

Previously, it had been rumored that Apple was working to bring cheap TV subscriptions to the iPad. Then, that the company was trying to wring $0.99 per episode pricing from the networks, etc.

Efforts to woo TV content owners, according to The Wall Street Journal, aren’t paying off. Further, newspaper publishers are also proving recalcitrant about new business models even as revenues from selling dead trees whither rapidly.

That said, Condé Nast and Zinio will both have a limited selection of magazines available for the iPad — they’re taking a measured approach in rolling out titles.

[u] Rich Maggioto of Zinio wrote in with a correction, “Zinio will most likely have thousands of magazine titles available in early April.”

That’s awesome, Rich, thanks for the heads up!

Half a loaf…

However, Apple will likely have a few $0.99 per TV episode partners when the iPad ships on April 3. Given Steve Jobs’ status as Disney’s largest shareholder and board member, the rat and its ABC subsidiary are probable first adopters as they’ve been in the past. Also, CBS has made positive noises about $0.99 episode pricing.

Of course, the iPad’s iBooks application + store will be well stocked with titles from the big five publishers, including the overwhelming majority of the New York Times bestseller list.

Is that enough? Well, the iPad will have access to everything that’s already available via the iTunes Store and that’s a considerable library.

Are you getting an iPad? Disappointed at the “lack” of content?

Vent your spleen in the comments below…

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